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Effortlessly manage your rentals and sales portfolio with our comprehensive solution. Our Pro and Lite licenses provide you with a robust set of tools for both rental and sales management. Seamlessly switch between our rental and sales features according to your specific needs. Additionally, for agents exclusively focused on sales management, we offer a dedicated Sales Only version. Empower your property management endeavors with our versatile licensing options.
PropWorx specializes in efficiently managing residential rental and sales property portfolios, rather than serving as an HOA/body corporate management system. While it may not be specifically designed for BCs/HOAs and levy collections, our software excels in facilitating rent payments, levy payments, and various other transactions through our intelligent payment feature. Please note that PropWorx does not generate levy statements. For comprehensive HOA/body corporate management needs, we recommend exploring dedicated software solutions tailored to meet those specific requirements.
PropWorx is primarily designed to cater to the requirements of residential rentals and sales portfolios. However, we have found that some clients also utilize our software to effectively manage their commercial and retail portfolios due to its versatile reporting capabilities. To determine if PropWorx is a suitable solution for your specific needs, we encourage you to consult with our knowledgeable sales representatives. They will engage in a comprehensive discussion about your requirements, allowing them to provide informed guidance on whether PropWorx aligns with your portfolio management needs. Our dedicated team is committed to assisting you in making an informed decision that best serves your commercial and retail property management requirements.
Certainly! When you subscribe to our services, a single database is allocated to you. By default, this database is set up for a single-tenant rental collection bank account, dedicated to a specific entity. The tenant’s statement will include the relevant bank details associated with this account. If you require the management of multiple rental collection bank accounts, separate databases will need to be set up for each account. This allows for efficient handling and tracking of transactions specific to each bank account. Users will have the ability to switch between these databases as required. Please note that additional license fees may apply if you opt to have multiple databases beyond the initial allocation. Our aim is to provide you with a scalable and tailored solution that meets your specific needs for managing multiple rental collection bank accounts.
Our dedicated accounting module is purposefully designed for property professionals, providing an extensive range of features that surpasses those offered by other systems. With our integrated accounting module, you gain access to powerful tools for managing your trust, business, and deposit cashbooks. Streamline your financial operations by effortlessly importing bank statements, performing bank reconciliations, conducting trust/business transfers, and more. Furthermore, our system enables the generation of comprehensive audit and accounting reports, including fee/commission reports (splits), tax reports, trial balances, and ledgers. These reports serve as valuable resources for maintaining financial transparency and compliance.
Absolutely. Our property management software includes robust email and SMS correspondence capabilities, enabling seamless communication with your clients. You can send messages in bulk or individually, leveraging the convenience of autofill templates to personalize each interaction. As for email functionality, we provide free email services within PropWorx, ensuring compatibility SMTP servers. For SMS, dedicated bundles can be purchased at a competitive cost. Stay connected and streamline your communication effortlessly with our comprehensive email and SMS features.
Flexibility is key when it comes to licensing options. Rest assured, you have complete control over your licenses. Whether you need to switch between Sales, Lite, and Pro licenses or adjust the number of licenses, we’ve got you covered. Simply inform us of your requirements, and we’ll swiftly accommodate your needs. Your licensing structure can be tailored to align perfectly with your evolving demands.
Certainly! We provide the flexibility to mix and match licenses to perfectly align with the unique requirements of your users. Tailor your licensing structure by selecting from Sales, Lite, and Pro license types. Empower your sales team with dedicated sales-only licenses, equip your admin staff with Lite licenses, and provide managers and bookkeepers with Pro licenses. By utilizing a single database, all users can collaborate seamlessly. However, it’s important to note that certain features will be restricted based on the license type and user permissions. Enjoy the versatility and customized access levels that our licensing options offer, ensuring optimal usability for each user role.
As a valued client, you can expect top-notch support services that set the standard in the industry. We take pride in offering a comprehensive range of support options to ensure your satisfaction. Our support offerings include free email and ticket support, providing a reliable channel for addressing your inquiries and concerns. Additionally, we provide access to extensive knowledge bases, empowering you to find answers to common queries efficiently. For real-time assistance, our live online chat feature allows you to connect with our support team instantly. To deliver prompt and efficient support, we leverage Zoho Assist, a powerful remote support tool. This enables us to provide remote assistance directly, ensuring a seamless resolution to any technical issues you may encounter. Furthermore, we offer a dedicated booking system for clients who require special support sessions with our consultants. This allows you to schedule personalized sessions, ensuring your unique requirements are addressed with utmost attention. Rest assured that our support team is committed to your success, and we strive to exceed your expectations with our exceptional support services.
We are dedicated to ensuring that you have the necessary training and resources to make the most of Propworx. We provide a range of training options to accommodate your learning preferences. To begin, we offer free unlimited access to Propworx Academy, where you can register for regular webinars and courses. These sessions are designed to enhance your understanding and proficiency in utilizing our software effectively. For a more personalized approach, we offer online private training sessions at a reasonable cost. These sessions allow you to receive dedicated guidance and support tailored to your specific needs and requirements. To facilitate self-learning, our comprehensive knowledge base center is available. You’ll find a wealth of resources such as video tutorials, step-by-step guides, and troubleshooting manuals. These resources are designed to empower you to learn at your own pace and access information whenever you need it. Additionally, we have implemented an AI chat feature to assist you in quickly finding the answers you need. This tool provides an intuitive search function that enables you to locate relevant assistance and information efficiently. Our commitment is to provide you with comprehensive training options that cater to your individual preferences, ensuring that you can harness the full potential of Propworx for your property management needs.
Congratulations on the growth of your business! We understand the importance of accommodating your expanding portfolio. With PropWorx, our database is designed to be unlimited, allowing you to load and manage an unlimited number of files, properties, contacts, and lease/mandate details at no additional cost. It’s worth noting that your monthly subscription fee will be determined based on the number of users you intend to grant access to PropWorx. As your team grows, you can easily scale your subscription to accommodate the increased number of users, ensuring a seamless experience for everyone involved. Rest assured, we offer a flexible pricing structure that aligns with your business’s evolving needs. Feel free to discuss your requirements with our sales team, who will be happy to provide you with the most suitable pricing options based on the number of users you anticipate having access to PropWorx
We understand that circumstances may change, and should you decide to cancel your subscription, we’ll respect your decision. To initiate the cancellation process, simply provide us with a month’s notice. Please note that once the cancellation takes effect, your database will be deactivated, and access to the system and report generation will no longer be available. However, prior to cancellation, you’ll have the opportunity to download or extract all your data, ensuring a seamless transition and preserving your valuable information. Should you ever wish to reactivate your database in the future, you’re welcome to do so at any time. We appreciate your business and remain confident that our services will continue to meet your needs, should you choose to return.

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