SMS Bundles


SMS bundle - 250 CREDITS

1 bundle = 250 SMS credits

1 SMS credit = 1 SMS message (to SA Networks)

You can buy multiple bundles at a time. Thus, 4 bundles will give you 1000 credits.

  • 1 SMS credit = 1 SMS message to SA Networks *
  • Credits do not expire
  • * The length of a standard SMS is 160 characters and supports long messages up to 918 characters long, which is equivalent to six concatenated standard SMS’s. Each message part is billed at the cost of one message.
  • Please note that credits will only be loaded once the payment reflects in our account. 



PropWorx Lite: 6 months subscription

Purchase a PropWorx LITE user license for a period of 6 months

PropWorx Pro: 6 Months subscription

Purchase a PropWorx PRO user license for a period of 6 months

Database Changes and Requests


Database Changes and Requests

Database changes and report requests need to be sent to us in writing by the signatory/administrator.

Reactivation of Database


Reactivation of Database

To reactivate a cancelled license, kindly send us an email requesting the reactivation. Please note that there is a reactivation fee of R805.00 incl VAT. Furthermore, a user licence of R1,144.25 incl of VAT will need to be activated for access for one month (please chose the number of licenses below). 

PropWorx Licenses

Please select the number of licenses required during the reactivation period.