Each computer upon which the Software Product is installed shall require the following minimum specifications

Minimum Computer Requirements

-1Ghz Processor
-4gig RAM (recommended 4gig or higher)
-Free disk space 850megs (32bit) or 2gigs (64bit)
-Windows 7 or Higher
-Processor: Anything later than a Celeron CPU
-Additional software: .Net Frameworks version 4 or above must be installed on the machine prior to the installation of PropWorx
-Mac computers: requires a Windows virtualization program (e.g. Apple's built-in boot Camp, Parallels and VMware) to allow you to run both Windows and OS


Minimum Internet Requirements

The Infrastructure requirements may exceed those indicated depending on the number of computers running through the network

-Minimum of 2Mb/s Line (unthrottled BUSINESS account ) for 4 or fewer internet users;
-Minimum of 4Mb/s Line (unthrottled BUSINESS account) for 4 – 8 or fewer internet users;
-Minimum of (10Mb/s) Line (unthrottled BUSINESS account) for 8 or more internet users;
-Recommended ADSL 10MB/s (unthrottled BUSINESS account) or Fiber connection (100
Mbps download)
-PING: no more than 45 ms
-You can check your current stats by performing an internet speed & ping test on