Propworx is recommended for any individual that would like to manage Residential Letting and Sales portfolios.

We do not recommended Propworx for Levy collections or large Commercial letting/sales portfolios.

If not sure, kindly contact us to discuss. 


Rental & Sales Portfolio

Manage your rental & sales life cycle from start to finish all from one system.

  • Load and manage unlimited residential properties, complexes and buildings
  • Load and manage unlimited people profiles (tenants, owners, purchases, offers, contractors etc)
  • View property address on google maps & street view
  • Id checks
  • WINDEED sectional scheme search
  • Various reports (i.e. tenants vacating, expiry leases, sales transfer reports and more)




Propworx is a full rental administration system that has been designed specifically for property management. You will be able to manage repairs & inspections, bulk correspondence, escalations, customizable reporting, and much more.


Inspections & Maintenance Workflow

Load routine inspections and manage the maintenance life cycle from start to finish with videos, photos & documents. Dashboard will access with reminders, correspondence and reporting.

Document Management System

With unlimited storage*, access all your important property, tenancy and landlord documents, videos & photos at the click of a button. Easily share your documents with clients through email attachments.  (* first 5GB free storage)

  • Load, manage and share documents & photos
  • Documents can be branded and loaded with mail-merge codes, which will personalise the documents with the specific file information when printed or emailed


Admin Dashboards

Live dashboards is your one-stop shop for a quick overview of essential data and insights.

  • Various semi-customisable reports (i.e. inspection, repairs, properties, leases, expiry, sales, vacate, escalations and more)
  • Export all reports
  • Reminders


Tenant Statements

Generate and Distribute tenant statements and invoices in bulk. Tenants also have quick access to online Tenant portal to view statements live.

  • Detailed Statement Ledger
  • Statement Balances report
  • Bulk invoicing

Arrears Debtors & Legal

Propworx provides you a platform to easily view tenants in arrears. Quickly send out arrears notifications and record any legal processes.

  • Age analysis Report
  • Bulk notification
  • Legal
  • TPN integration


SMS & Emails Communications

Send SMSes & emails (individually or in bulk) as needed from Propworx to owners, tenants and contractors to keep them fully informed at every turn. Use our smart codes to auto-fill emails & SMS templates. Emails are not charged and SMS credit bundles* can be purchased when required (*250 credits for R97.75 inc VAT)

  • View detailed statement ledgers reports
  • Bulk email and SMS correspondence
  • Log phone call notes
  • Personalise and customise email and SMSes
  • Automatic sent items report for all correspondence
  • Personalised email signatures


  • Easily record unlimited maintenance records
  • Report maintenance to owners, tenant and contractors
  • Request and manage contractor quotes
  • Load Photo, video & documents
  • Create job card
  • Load & manage contractor payments/provisions
  • Repair Dashboard & tracking reports


  • Easily upload documents with smart mail merge codes
  • Quickly generate auto-filled documents
  • Emails documents directly to clients



  • Easily edit tenant charges in bulk
  • Quickly invoice tenant charges in bulk
  • Distribute Tenant statements in bulk (Email, print or sms)
  • Tenant access to a online Statement Portal


  • Create your own reports by customisable reports through filters & columns
  • Quickly export reports
  • Full direct correspondence to clients from reports
  • Easily see files that require attention



Propworx is a full accounting system that has been designed specifically for Trust Accounting. Since our system is a full accounting package, you would not need to use any external accounting software. You will be able to import bank statements, perform bank reconciliation, submit payments, generate income reports, load commission splits, perform journals, generate Vat reports, change of year end, and much more. 

General Accounting & Reports

  • Complete Accounting dashboards
  • All necessary reports are available for auditors
  • Trust, Deposit & Business Journals
  • Intelligent Trust/business Transfer and Reports
  • Various details audit reports
    • Trial Balance, Trust Trial Balances, Deposit Trial Balance
    • Cashbook reports
    • Business Age Analysis
    • Detailed Trust, Business & Deposit Ledgers
    • Tax Reports, change year end, Lock Periods
    • Journal & Transaction Reports
    • Company Reports: Income & Expense and Profit & Loss Reports
    • and more

Multiple Cashbooks

Keep your trust and business cashbooks, all within one system. Import and Manage Trust, Business and deposit cashbooks for full audit control. No transaction charges!

Bank Reconciliation

Reconcile your transactions in Propworx with your bank transactions statement to make sure they match making end of month process even easier.


Generate and debit commissions/fees for your files. Easily split the commissions/fees between the agency & agents and generate detailed split reports to easily see what is payable to agents.

  • Pro-forma Invoices with Age analysis Report
  • Detailed Fee Reports
  • Monthly Fee Summary Report
  • Fee Reversals
  • Business age analysis
  • Trust to Business Transfer Process & Reports

Owner Statements/Invoices

Generate and Distribute owner statements and invoices in bulk. for owners with multiple properties, you can generate rent-roll & cash-flow statements. Owners also have quick access to online Landlord portal to view both owner and statements live.

Deposit & Investment Cashbook Management

Propworx is compatible with various major banks for trust accounts as well as investment accounts (such as FENNEC, FNB 3PIM, NEDBANK CORPORATE SAVER, MERCANTILE & GRINDROD) which will provide clients the ability to manage their clients' deposits.

Nexia SAB&T Partnership (Optional Service)

We have also partnered up with Nexia SAB&T for all our clients audit requirements and submissions to the EAAB.


  • Easily import bank statement from csv or txt formats (compatibility with all SA major banks and some international banks)
  • Auto-allocate transactions function
  • Create rules
  • Split-transactions
  • Auto- Bank Reconciliation function


  • Easily submit, retain and authorise payments & fees
  • Generate Payment Batches Files for Bank (compatible with FNB, ABSA, NEDBANK & STANDARD BANK)
  • Complete audit payment trail
  • Payment reports
  • Propworx will ensure you will not pay out more than received and will not allow payments from files where no money has been received


  • Easily generate Trust to Business Transfer reports
  • Full Commission/Fee reports




Manage the Sales Portfolio from start to finish with full reports.

  • Easily create sales files
  • Load property details, seller details, offers and manage transfer process
  • Access to Sales Reports
  • Manage Sales Mandate and commissions splits
  • Generate Pro-Forma invoices for commissions/fees due to agency/company
  • Load documents, videos and photos.
  • Full correspondence features







Propworx integrates with a host of applications and services to save you time and effort.

    • Payments
    • Credit Checks
    • Account Verification checks
  • TPN
    • Fennec
    • Mercantile
    • Grindrod Investment
    • Nedbank Corporate Saver
    • FNB 3PIM accounts

Security Features

At Propworx, our top priority is to ensure that our client data is always kept secure. Clients can view all modifications performed by their own staff members to ensure that   

  • Detailed database modifications & audit logs
  • Full User Permission rights & restrictions
  • Secure dedicated database & Servers
  • 99% Uptime Guarantee
  • All data encrypted
  • Full Backups

Support & Training

Our top support team are available via live chat, phone and email. You also have access to a knowledge base library and group training and webinars.




All Plans Include:

  • Unlimited Properties:Unlimited number of files, properties, tenants and owners, at NO additional cost. Only pay per user license.
  • Online Data: All data is stored online, so there is no need to create your own back-ups. We manage that for you. 
  • Online Document Storage: Organise all documents, videos and photos. All plans come with 5GB free and can be upgraded at any time.
  • Help Center: Create support tickets, view manuals and videos
  • Training: We provide free start up training and offer additional full 2-day group training* with qualified instructors where you can work on dummy databases and test the various features. If that is not convenient, let us arrange online training when it suits you. (* Group training in Cape Town, Durban and Midrand charged per day per delegate)
  • Import of your data: We will import of your leases, property, tenants, owners etc

License Changes

  • Additional licenses can be added for subsequent users at any stage. 
  • Licenses can be mixed and matched as required i.e. you can have a Propworx PRO user in addition to a Propworx SALES and LITE user. 
  • Upgrade or downgrade user licenses

Propworx License Pricing:

Our different licenses types allow you to streamline your business and restrict staff to only gain access to those parts of the software with which they need to work (e.g. bookkeeper will need a Pro license, but an Agent will need a Lite license)

  • Propworx Pro (Admin & Bookkeeping features) - includes Rental & Sales Features:
    • R 995.00 plus VAT per month for the 1st Pro user per month
    • R 895.00 plus VAT per month for any additional Pro users per month
  • Propworx Lite (Admin features only)- includes Rental & Sales Features: R 695.00 plus VAT per user per month
  • Propworx Sales Only (Admin features) - R 195.00 plus VAT per user per month

Need to Cancel?

No problem, you are not bound to any long-term commitment. Just give us a month's notice at any stage. No cancellation fees. 

If you wish to sign up (we do recommend an online presentation before sign up), please click on the link below to download the license agreement and email it to