All of our licences are designed with you in mind and come with exactly what you'd expect on property management software. You choose the licence type (Pro, Lite or Sales) that will help you manage your portfolio. We understand that different businesses have different needs. That’s why we integrate with apps to streamline your portfolio management from inspections, credit checks and more.

Check out our Integrations & Partnerships to see all the apps we connect with. Some integrations may have a monthly connection fee to connect to PropWorx.


 You can mix and match the licences according to the level of access your users require!

No Hidden Costs and lock-in Contracts

No setup fees and transactional costs

No need to change banks

Simple and Transparent Pricing 


propworx price comparison property management software

What you get when you sign up:

1st month FREE

Free Data Import

Free Email and Sms templates

10 Free SMS credits

5GB Document Storage

Unlimited Database

Free Online Getting Started Trainings

Unlimited installations per User

No installation & setup charges

No transaction charges      

Unlimited property database

Free Admin Email and live chat Assistance

Free Updates

Free access to Online Help Centre

Our Onboarding Journey gives you...

Data Import

Online Training

As part of our onboarding process, you will be able to have certain data imported into PropWorx for FREE. We can import certain data from most competitor software and excel*. 

We provide FREE initial start-up trainings for the initial users. All our initial training are performed online. The initial training may vary depending on the user's licence type.



Frequently asked questions


Can I manage my rentals and sales portfolio on PropWorx?

Absolutely! All our licences include both access to rentals and sales management features. Our clients have the ability to switch between the rentals and sales features. We also provide a Sales Only version, for agents that only require access to the sales management. 

Can I Mix & Match the licences to suit my user's requirements? 

Yes! You can decide which licence type SALES, LITE & PRO will better suit your users' requirements. You can have a sales-only licence for your sales team, Lite licences for your admin staff and a pro licence for your bookkeepers and managers. All users will have access to the same database, but with limited access to certain features.

What if my portfolio grows? Will my monthly subscription price increase?

Awesome! That means your company is growing! We have NO DATABASE LIMIT. You can load unlimited files, properties, contacts, lease/mandate details, at NO additional cost. You only pay per user licence*. Your monthly subscription will increase based on the number of users you require to have access to PropWorx and not the size of your portfolio or database. 

What support do I get as a client with PropWorx?

We pride ourselves on having the best support services available. Our clients have access to free email/ticketing support, a knowledge base and live online chat. All support is performed remotely using Zoho Assist. For more advanced support, we have a booking system to allow clients to book special time with a consultant for support. 

Can PropWorx integrate with other accounting software?

We pride ourselves on having the most comprehensive accounting module designed specifically for property practitioners. PropWorx provides you with the tools needed to manage your trust, business and deposit cashbooks. You will have full ability to import bank statements, perform bank reconciliation, generate payment batches, trust/business transfers and more. You can also generate audit & accounting reports inc. fee/commission reports (splits), Tax reports, trial balances, ledgers and more.

Can I change my licence type or change the number of licences?

Absolutely. You can switch between SALES, LITE and PRO licences, and increase/decrease the licence numbers according to your needs, at any point without penalty.

What training options do I have?

With PropWorx, you can choose between group training at our training centres in Cape Town, Pretoria & Durban. You can also opt for online training sessions. For clients that prefer to self-learn, we have a dedicated knowledge base centre with videos, step-by-step guides and troubleshooting.

What are your Email & SMS costs?

Our built-in email and sms correspondence features will allow you to communicate with your clients. Emails from PropWorx are absolutely free and compatible with Outlook and other SMTP servers. SMS bundles can be purchased for R97.00 (incl. Vat) for  250 credits.  Credit does not expire and there are no lock-in contracts.

Can I use PropWorx to manage BC/HOAs & Levy Collection?

Unfortunately, this is not the core design of PropWorx. It is not able to generate levy statements and not recommended for body corporate/HOA management. PropWorx is mainly recommended for residential property management portfolios. With our intelligent payment feature, you can generate rates, levy & other payments from rental monies received.

Can I use PropWorx to manage commercial/retail portfolios?

Yes & No. PropWorx was mainly designed for residential portfolios. We do have a few clients that manage their commercial/retail portfolios as they find PropWorx works for their reporting requirements. We suggest that you contact one of our sales consultants to discuss your needs and we will be able to advise if PropWorx will work for your requirements.

Can I manage more than one rental bank account on my database (i.e. tenants pay into different bank accounts)?

When you sign up with PropWorx you are provided with a single database. The database will be dedicated to a single entity and is set up for only one tenant rental bank account. These bank details will appear on the tenant statement. For multiple rentals, you will be required to sign up for multiple databases for each entity. All the databases will be separated, with the user having a switch database option.

What happens if I want to cancel?

We would be sad to see you go! You can cancel your plan at any time. We only require a calendar months notice. Once cancelled, you will not have access to look up data or generate reports. Before your database is cancelled, you have the opportunity to download/extract all your data. You can reactivate your database at any time! We know you will be back.