With over 100 000 properties being managed through our system, we are proud to be the

Property and Accounting software of choice.

PropWorx is a leading provider of cutting-edge property management and accounting software. We offer solutions to our clients with property portfolios of all sizes throughout South Africa and other countries within Africa. Our team of experienced professionals are dedicated to giving our clients an edge in the real estate and property market, through smart, innovative state-of-the-art Rentals, Sales & Accounting software features and integrations.


‚ÄčWe built our solutions by closely listening to our client's needs and develop PropWorx to the evolving requirements of the property management industry. We are aware of the benefits and risks in the real estate profession and take great care in the development of software that provides ongoing management of properties as well as the management of trust accounts.


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Plus many independent landlords, property managers and agencies throughout Africa.